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•New Member Registration (free)
•Paying for Purchases
•Shipping & Handling Charges
•Returns & Exchanges
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■ New Member Registration (free)
Read the Terms of Usage and Then Register as a New Member (free)
JAPANTREND recommends that you register as a member in order to ensure you enjoy the best shopping experience.
▶ New Member Registration
① Register your customer details on the Member Registration screen. The customer information you enter is protected by SSL encryption.
・Fill in all required fields displayed on the Registration screen.
You can change your Member ID (e-mail address) and password later.
・Do not create a password that is easy for someone else to guess. Birthdates or phone numbers are not recommended.
② Click on the “Terms of Usage,” read the terms, then click on the “Agree” button.
③ Confirm that all the information you entered into the New Member Registration screen is correct.
④ After you have confirmed everything is correct, click on the “Register as a Member” button at the very bottom of the screen.
⑤ When the New Member Registration
(Complete) screen appears, you are registered temporarily as a member.
※Your status at this point is a Temporary Member.
⑥ The URL for Regular Member Registration will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. Access the URL and register as a Regular Member. Your Regular Member Registration will be completed automatically as soon as you access the URL. You will then be logged into JAPANTREND and you can start shopping right away.
⑦ After completing the Regular Member Registration using the URL, you will receive another e-mail confirming that your Regular Member Registration is complete.

You have now completed registration as a member.
You can now shop at your convenience.
You can confirm the details of your registration by clicking on the Edit Member Information tab on My Page.

■ Paying for Purchases
Search for the products you wish to purchase then place them into your Shopping Cart.
▶Placing Products into Your Shopping Cart
For products available in multiple sizes, colors, etc., be sure to select the size and color you wish.
When products are out of stock, the words “Out of Stock” will appear in section area of the item you selected.
Select the quantity of the item you wish to purchase and then click on the “Place Into Shopping Cart” button.
When you wish to view what is in your Shopping Cart, click on the Shopping Cart icon. Then click on the “Go to Shopping Cart” button at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to confirm the items in your cart.
To go to the Purchase Screen, click on the “To Checkout” button at the lower right of your Shopping Cart.
You will be transferred to a screen to confirm the details of your order and you will able to enter the shipping address, delivery date, and payment method.

▶ Confirm Your Shipping Address
Confirm the address you wish your product to be shipped to. If that address is different from your registered address, click on the Shipping Address “Change” button and change the shipping address.
After confirming the product, quantity, price, and shipping address, select your method of payment. If you are paying by credit card, click on “Credit Card Payment.” If you wish to pay through Union Pay, click on “UnionPay.” Then you will be taken to the payment screen.
※ If you have not logged previously into to pay through one of these payment methods, a log-in screen will appear presenting an option to register as a member. If you wish to pay without registering as a member, click on the nearby “Guest Purchase” button.
Once you enter your payment details and click on the “Complete Order” button, you have completed the ordering process.
After that is done, you will receive an Order Confirmation e-mail from JAPANTREND.

▶ Payment Methods
For your security, your payment will be completed using SSL encryption. The following are the available methods of payment:
Various credit cards, UnionPay, Alipay
For credit card payments, you can use credit cards which display the symbol for VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, or Diners!
※ For Customers Using Credit Cards
At the same time that you complete your purchase, your credit card company will deduct the payment.
For details on your invoice date, contact your credit card company directly.

▶ Order Completion
At the same time as you complete your order, you will receive to your registered e-mail address an e-mail containing your Order No., Order Cost, Payment Method, Order and Product Details, Delivery Address, etc. The subject will be “Thank You for Your Order.”

■ Shipping & Handling Charges
• The following shipping and handling charges apply to each order. Charges vary according to the destination country and location.
Shipping Method: EMS (Express Mail Service)
WeightAsia (tax included)
Up to 500g¥1,400
Up to 600g¥1.540
Up to 700g¥1,680
Up to 800g¥1,820
Up to 900g¥1,960
Up to 1.0kg¥2,100
Up to 1.5kg¥2,400
Up to 1.5kg¥2,700
Up to 1.75kg¥3,000
Up to 20.0kg¥3,300
Up to 2.5kg¥3,800
Up to 3.0kg¥4,300
Up to 3.5kg¥4,800
Up to 4.0kg¥5,300
Up to 4.5kg¥5,800
Up to 5.0kg¥6,300
Up to 5.5kg¥6,800
Up to 6.0kg¥7,300
Up to 7.0kg¥8,100
Up to 8.0 kg¥8,900
Up to 9.0kg¥9,700
Up to 10.0kg¥10,500

※ Depending on the destination country, you may be charged duties, consumption tax, and various service charges according to the cost, weight, etc. of your order.
Please be advised in advance that you will be responsible for the payment of any and all of these charges.

● For Shipping Within Japan
We base our calculations on those of Fukuyama Transporting.

■ Delivery
As a general policy, products are shipped within 9 days, starting the day after receiving the order.
However, shipping may be delayed due to conditions caused by the content of the order, inventory status, busy periods, New Year’s holidays of suppliers and vendors, Obon holiday season, etc. Depending on the product, after placing your order you may be required to wait days or even months for it to be manufactured or fabricated.
Should there be a delay, Customer Support will contact you in advance.
Products are shipped through Express Mail Service (EMS). Delivery normally takes three days after shipment.
※ Delays may occur depending on the destination country and region, as well as custom clearance conditions.

▶ E-mail Notification of Product Shipment
After your product has shipped, a Product Shipment Notification will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
You will also be notified of the tracking number of your shipment so you can make inquiries about shipment dates with the handler of the shipment.

<Inquiring with Handler of the Shipment>
Tracking Number Example: EE 123456789 JP
If you are located overseas, you can inquire about the delivery status of your shipment by going to the EMS section of the website of your country’s postal service and entering the tracking number.
(Not available in certain locations.)
EMS Tracking: (Japan Post) ※ English language pages are available.
Hong Kong:
South Korea:

■ Returns & Exchanges
Please Read Our Terms for Returns & Exchanges
If you wish to return or exchange a product, e-mail JAPANTREND with the details of the product within 14 days after you receive it. After receiving your e-mail, JAPANTREND will make a return or exchange only for those cases we approve. (Return the product within 7 days of receiving the approval.) If you contact us after 14 days or if you return the product without contacting us in advance, we might not be able to accept the return or exchange.

  Return Exchange
JAPANTREND’s responsibility.
(incorrect shipment, defective product, damaged product, etc.)

JAPANTREND pays shipping.
Read 1. below.

JAPANTREND pays shipping.
Read 3. below.
Customer’s responsibility.
Customer pays shipping.
Read 2. below.
(Exchanges cannot be made when the customer is the cause of the exchange.)
Read 4. below.

▶ Returns
1. JAPANTREND’s responsibility - (1)~(3) below)
(1) The product delivered is different from the product ordered (incorrect shipment).
(2) The product delivered is defective.
(3) The product delivered is damaged.
JAPANTREND will pay the shipping costs. ※ If you are returning a product which is part of a set (2-item set, etc.), return the same entire set that was delivered, including any accessories or fittings. The return cannot be accepted if even one product (or accessory/fitting) is missing.
2. Customer’s responsibility
Customer decides they do not like the product (including cases when they wish to change sizes, colors, patterns or, for example, wishes to exchange plates for cups, etc.) Returns will not be accepted in the following cases:
• Customers do not contact JAPANTREND within 14 days of receiving the product.
• Food products
• Products which have been used
• Order-made products (products produced after receiving an order, etc.)
• Cosmetic and personal hygiene products which have been opened.
• Products without their cases, packaging (bags, cases)
• Products which the customer has repaired or cleaned.
• Products which the customer has scratched, chipped, soiled, etc. (including products with cosmetics, scents, odors, etc. adhering to them)
• Products whose tags have been removed
• Products which have lost their original shape or configuration due to being worn or used. (i.e., neck or sleeves have been stretched, etc.)
• Products on sale or whose product details page displays a mark indicating they cannot be returned or exchanged.

▶ Exchanges
Exchanges can only be accepted when the cause of the exchange is JAPANTREND’s responsibility.
3. JAPANTREND’s responsibility – (1)~(3) below
(1) The product delivered is different from the product ordered (incorrect shipment).
(2) The product delivered is defective.
(3) The product delivered is damaged.
JAPANTREND will pay the shipping costs. If you wish to exchange the product for another product, indicate that to us. Should the desired product not be available because it is out of stock, discontinued, or for any other reason, we will refund the purchase price for the original product.
4. Customer’s responsibility
Exchanges cannot be accepted if the customer changes their mind about the product and does not want it anymore (including size, color, pattern changes). If you wish to exchange the product, return it and collect the refund, then order the product you desire.

▶ How to Apply for a Return or Exchange
Check the details of your product to be returned or exchanged. List the required items (Date of requested return or exchange, Name, E-mail, Order no., Product details, Item No., Reason for return, If return, method of return), in an e-mail and send it to us. For the subject, be sure to write “Regarding My Return or Exchange.”
You will receive an e-mail from JAPANTREND approving your return or exchange along with a Return or Exchange Form attached. After receiving the e-mail, print it out, fill in the required details, and ship it to JAPANTREND together with the product you wish to return
※ Be aware that if you fail to contact JAPANTREND in advance, or if you return your product without the approval from JAPANTREND for the return or exchange, we will not be able to accept your request for a return or exchange.

▶ How to Make a Return
1. Be sure to enclose the Return or Exchange Form e-mailed to you as an attachment from our secretariat.
(Processing of your application may be delayed if you fail to enclose the Return or Exchange Form when you return your product.)
2. On the outside wrapping of the parcel, write clearly in large letters “Return Cargo.”
3. Make sure you use the Express Mail Service (EMS), a service offered by your International Post Office for small packages, or air mail.
(Do not send your package using small package surface mail, Surface Air Lifted (SAL) service for small packages, DHL, Fedex, UPS, or any other private international home delivery service. If you use any of these services, your application will not be accepted and your package will be returned to you.)
※ If the cause of the return or exchange is JAPANTREND’s responsibility, you must initially bear the cost of shipping the product with the understanding you will be reimbursed later. Do not ship your product as Postage Paid by Addressee or COD (Cash On Delivery).
※ Only when you wish to exchange your product and the cause is JAPANTREND’s responsibility will we ship the desired product to you as soon as your product arrives at JAPANTREND.
※ If you are returning a product which is part of a set (2-item set, etc.), return the same entire set that was delivered, including any accessories or fittings. The return cannot be accepted if even one product (or accessory/fitting) is missing.

■ Inquiries
For Inquiries Regarding Orders, Delivery, Payment, Product Specifications, Inventory Status, etc.:
Response Processing: 10:00~17:00 Weekdays Monday~Friday (Japan Standard Time – JST)
(When your e-mail arrives on a Saturday, Sunday, Japanese public holiday, or on a company holiday, the response will be processed on or after the following business day.
Inquiries Regarding Exhibits/Displays, Insertions/Advertising or Inquiries from Buyers:

■ About This Site
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For a safe and secure shopping experience, JAPANTREND uses SSL encryption for processing personal information and credit card details provided by our customers.
・ Operating Environment
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